The Global Wellness Center

Kim Olson - Before
Kim Olson - After

Name: Kim
Location: Spanishfork, Utah
Age: 44
Height: 5’2”
Was: 297
Lost: 152 pounds* and 12 sizes*
As Of: June 2008

Mark Weber - Before
Mark Weber - After

Name: Mark
Location: Louisville, CO
Age: 50
Height: 6’0”
Was: 400+ lbs
Lost: 330 lbs*
As Of: October 2008
Our food science and technology formulators develop all natural ingredients only product formulas with the safest ingredients delivering optimal benefit to deliver Whole-Body Nutritional Cleansing, Cellular Replenishing & Youthful Aging.

Patricee - Before
Patricee - After

Name: Patricee
Location: California
Age: 40+
Height: 5’10”
Was: 228 lbs
Lost: 125 lbs*
As Of: March 2008

Rey Ronquilio

Name: Rey Ronquilio
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Master’s National Body-Building Light Weight Champion and Mr. USA Light Weight Champion.
Reduced 2 "REAL" inches in 9 Days

A Healthier You

Together with you the Global Wellness Center 

Will help you Lose Weight Permanently

Reduce Overall Inches off Your frame

Build Proportional Muscle Mass

Revive your Vitality

Restore Optimum Health to You

Our Program Works

Our Professional Wellness Consultants will assist and council you to work with our simple but highly effective program. We’ll introduce you to Nutritional Whole Body Cleansing coupled with our Nourishing and Replenishing world class grade All Natural Nutrition Dense Meal Programs you integrate with healthy balanced meals regularly. These will help your body eliminate environmental toxins and low-grade junk food cravings and provide an experience your body will thank you for. Get started right away and see what incredible benefits you’ll receive.



What does wellness mean to you?

To Us at the Global Wellness Center it means a life filled with days of feeling alive, energetic, clear minded, focused, and at Your ideal weight!

Our primary focus begins with You arriving at your ideal weight.

How many times have you looked in the mirror and wished the person looking back was slimmer, had more energy, and felt better about themselves? We’ve all done it.

But right now is your opportunity to act on those wishes and impulses and start down the path to a happier you. While the long term commitment to weight loss has to come from you, the Global Wellness Center Programs will ensure you’re well equipped to make and enjoy your affirmation and commitment to achieving your weight loss goal and keeping the weight off for a life time!

How many times have you been turned off by diet plans and the broken promises that typically accompany them, only to end up struggling with a complete lack of energy and spending long evenings in front of the TV?

Never seeming to find lasting weight-loss success and over time becoming more and more disappointed with all of the products and systems available.

Where fad diets have failed to help many people attain the body and health they desire, the Global Wellness Center and its Nutritional Bioscience Programs have produced amazing results that far go beyond the short-term because it’s a complete lifestyle.


Our nutritional all natural bioscience products are designed and are specifically related to improving the overall physical well-being of each individual and once embarked upon it, many people are thrilled to have an ability to reach and maintain their ideal weight.


A revitalized body is stronger, resists illness better, is more efficient, and performs at a higher level. The ‘picture of health’ to us means feeling and looking good, being at your ideal weight and body shape, and having a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Whether it’s getting back to a previous size, shedding pounds for a special occasion or sparking a lifestyle change — The Global Wellness Center has the formula to generate life-changing results. We’ve helped thousands change their lives—you could be next!

To discover how you can begin losing an average of 7 to 10 lbs. of fat in nine days, please complete the form on the next page and one of our Life Wellness Consultants will be happy to contact you.



Free Evaluation and Consultation.

The Global Wellness Center is designed to help you discover how you can lose and permanently keep off the excess weight you have. Whether it is a pesky 5-10 extra pounds, or a full body health improvement in releasing over 100 dreaded pounds that never wants to go away, You can receive a FREE personal wellness evaluation, and consultation. For all your educational information, complete the request form on the next page and you will receive an individual reply from one of our personal wellness coaches.

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